Wednesday, August 5, 2009

truck month on our street, take II

Dylan had a blast with the ramp after the guy unloaded the few things sent from Grandma's house. That is one BIG TRUCK, by the way. Our driveway is a generous 16' wide!

visit to the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Museum buttons are designed tough because they have to withstand things like this:

The visitor's center also had a lot of hands-on displays with steps Dylan loved. We'd just seen a tortoise by our front door that day or the day before which was probably just a hair larger than the shell he points out in the next video.

We took a short hike that involved some trail mix:

While driving through the refuge we ran into a large herd of bison on the move.

chicken interactions

This is a rooster, actually. Dylan had a blast screaming at it, and luckily it didn't attack.

swim lessons

They sing Ring Around the Rosies for one of the activities. The climax is the hard part: parent is supposed to blow hard in the kid's face so they naturally close their eyes and mouth, and then dunk 'em!

Jim and Dylan also had fun playing with the squirting turtle.

can I see your rocks?

Dylan loves rocks. Just loves 'em! But not more than watching video of himself. :-)

fire truck!

A severe storm knocked a tree limb into a powerline but the line stayed alive. So Norman FD came to sit by the line and make sure no one got hurt before OG&E turned the line off. Took many hours. In the mean time, Dylan got to play in the truck and we enjoyed talking to the firemen. Every time Dylan watches this video he does the same tongue thing at the end.

'Nite 'nite, moo!

We sometimes catch Dylan reading to himself.

getting in the car seat all by himself!

Big boy won't always do this, of course, but he's clearly capable!