Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outdoor music by The Coolers

Our next door neighbor just retired, so set up his band for an afternoon party. Once again, Dylan was transfixed! Eventually he wandered around a bit, but remained focused on the music. At one point a band member said they try not to pay more than $250 to play anywhere. Ha ha ha! 

Dump 'em out, put 'em back

Dylan will entertain himself like this occasionally, whether it's coins in a box, chalk in a box, etc.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lemme see the camera!!!

It's getting really difficult to take pictures or videos of Dylan nowadays because all he wants to do is watch himself! He'll sit on my lap for 10s of minutes, having me play and replay and replay videos of him. I think he's starting to realize that it's him!

Big box!!

Big boxes are the BEST. I remember how playing with these  as a kid was sooooo much fun, I got inspired to cut holes in a large ~enough~ box that had Dylan's new chairs inside.

Here's the new table and chairs, and a fussy toddler who suddenly wants to see the camera, whereas he'd been happily looking at the whales (one of his favorite pages) and other animals just moments before. 

Where is King Charlie?

Where is King Charlie? Mom says he's playing the guitar, but all I see is a speaker.

(And then I see the camera and all I want to do is watch videos of myself!!!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


How cool is this?!  The grad students let Dylan intrude on their football tosses several times. He ended up interacting with all 5-6 of them, I think, but I only captured one on video. They were great! And Dylan clearly enjoyed his interceptions, passes, and touchdown runs. :-)

Rocking in Bob's chair

Dylan has rocked before, in the Laz-E-Mom chair in his bedroom, but nonetheless looked initially confused when I called this rocking. He looked over to his right and said "rock," pointing at a rock Bob has on his end table. Not sure what the "ya ya" is supposed to mean. He's clearly pointing at the arm, so was that a very bad imitation of "rocking?" He does echo "chair" soon after.


Larissa shows Dylan how to *really* jump! She asked me why he couldn't jump yet. :-)

Growling rasberries

Why toddlers blow raspberries I don't know. But they do.