Thursday, October 1, 2009

The county fair

Dylan enjoyed the county fair, beginning in the parking lot(!) -- where he saw a school bus! He grabbed my hand and pulled: he wanted to go see that bus! The driver was very nice to let him get inside, where he sat right down in the front row.

Once inside, he may have enjoyed the petting zoo the most. I got video of him looking at pigs and quacking at ducks:

More see-saw!

A friend has been installing a dog obstacle course in her yard to practice with her dog. What fun!! Notice Dylan is starting to repeat (and say) phrases! He started doing that in the last few weeks.

Animals at the OKC Zoo

I took several other videos at the Oklahoma City Zoo, but these are the only two with Dylan in them.

Bats inside the Oklahoma Trails exhibit:

And as we were leaving the giraffes: